A little bit about myself...

I go by the name teeshanthill (my real name, abbreviated).


Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I hope to share everything about my uncensored version of modern motherhood.  I will be diving into some life-saving DIYs, sharing personal life experiences, and of course focusing on some real ass topics centered on black motherhood.


I am a mother of two, but let’s face it more times, than I’d like to admit, I’m coasting through this “mother thing” and figuring it out as I go.  This blog is not only my outlet but also it is going to allow me to lift as I climb into the better version of myself – and I know there is someone out there that can relate.


Along with being somebodies’ mama, I am also a DONA trained Birth & Postpartum Doula and always looking for creative ways to promote positive birthing experiences while focusing on self-empowerment & confidence.


So join me as I journey through this "bliss" called motherhood.

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be you, love you. always, all ways.