A Shift Is Happening - And I'm Here For It.

Recently on my Instagram, I spoke very briefly about inviting growth into my life, but first, in order to do so, I have had to allow myself the time to grieve what I once knew. I go on to highlight that it's not easy to BET ON YOURSELF, but it is so necessary in order to welcome growth into your space. It's about trusting your process and getting lost along the way but knowing you will always be where you're supposed to be.

Quickly recapping this month, I can definitely say as a parent it has been a challenging time. When I envisioned my daughter starting school, I would have never pictured it to be a virtual school. My partner and I were implementing quite a few changes in our household in which we thought were preparing our daughter for this next major milestone. Well, let's just say that all backfired because after all our daughter is four and our expectations were so unrealistic. Without even realizing we were placing our daughter inside of the very same box we've tried so hard to avoid. Needless to say, we are a couple of weeks into virtual schooling and while it is still an adjustment - we're slowly figuring out what works for us. It's crazy to realize how much society conditions you to think perfection is the appropriate currency of motherhood - however, let me the first one to say this: it is not. I couldn't count how many times I've lost my patience and was ready to call quits, yet we persevered. No matter how much my children can leave me feeling mentally and physically exhausted, over time I've seen the growth as I'm constantly adapting.

Motherhood truly is a course. A life learning lesson, that's continuously evolving. If you try to rush through it or take short cuts - you'll miss out on so many opportunities for eternal transformation. Whether it's an emotional, spiritual, or mental shift - to be someone's mama evokes change. I am constantly reminded of that every time I look at my children and know that I was chosen to be their mama for a greater purpose. Choosing to expand my brand in a way that resonates with my readers and still be an authentic extension of myself was a very intentional decision. I think it's necessary to depict mothers in a positive light and for us to feel appreciated even when some days seem impossible. So, I will be doing just that and much more. Be sure to subscribe if you haven't already because I have great things coming and I am excited to have you join me on this journey.

Love & Light,