New Year, New Month. Thankful In Advance.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a post on my blog, and I thought what better way than to start off the New Year, with new habits. Life got pretty hectic around the time of my last post just in balancing my household while still prioritizing self-care. I took a hiatus from writing and posting all together just to really be present and spend some quality time with my family before transitioning back into a regular day to day schedule, and here I am.

This past weekend my family and I celebrated the birthday of the youngest member of our household, our baby boy Zachariah. With it being such a weird time in the world, we opted to do a virtual celebration with close family and friends, and everything turned out great just as expected. I began to reflect on my year as a mother of two and I have one word to sum it up: thankful.

It's crazy how the minute we become parents and we think we have all the answers and don't even get me started on moms of multiples who inadvertently get the titles such as "vet, pro, seasoned" - when really we’re still figuring it out. I can now see that our biggest most influential teachers in this lifetime are our offspring, and coming to that realization is truly an eye-opening experience.

I joke all the time about how my children are two totally different personalities. My daughter's presence will show you a powerful high energy that will bring people together. And on the other hand, my son will show the importance of peace being still and protecting one's energy. Two interchangeable energies, yet both so individually unique in their own realm and very much necessary to keep me balanced.

Without a doubt, my pregnancy, labor, postpartum, heck even the 4th trimester with my son- was everything but easy. I remember it like it was just the other day, laying up in the living room venting to my boyfriend about being over this pregnancy and just reaching a point in the pregnancy of always being uncomfortable. Words are a powerful tool because that following night I would sleep through the night with on and off mild contractions thinking to myself "hmm could this be it" but brushing away the thoughts sleepily as I surely knew I had 3 more weeks to go. Selfishly embracing every second of whatever sleep I could get, I decided to drag my feet out of bed to finally tell my partner "I think it's time" at precisely 6 a.m. I put my denial aside and finally came to terms that "you called this, and now your baby is coming" and phoned my midwife to catch her up to speed. Within seconds it felt like my midwife was there ready to do a quick "check" to see how far along I was, and in that exact moment the world stopped as I was told, "8 cm, we're going to have to do a home birth".

"Homebirth?, we did not plan for this!", I repeatedly told my partner, who met my anxiety with nothing but calm and reassuring words to help soothe me into this new idea of how we would welcome our second child into this world. Immediately we created an ambiance and set the tone for how our young king would enter this world, well lit scented candles throughout our space, a warm running bath, and Eternal Lights by Chronixx on repeat soothing me like a melody through every contraction. What seemed like would be quick labor turned into a 12-hour rollercoaster ride of emotions and a lot of uncertainty. But at 6:11 p.m. one thing was for certain, our Sonshine would enter this world on his own terms with a greater purpose than anyone could imagine.

Just like my labor, I learned very early on that my children were brought into this lifetime to instill long-lasting values that would forever shape me not only as a mother but as a being, and for that, I am always thankful. My family is a powerful and constant motivational force in my life and it’s amazing to reflect on the people that are closest to you and simply be appreciative of the role they play in our lives.

Now that we’re wrapping up the first month of a new year, what is something, or someone, you’ve taken the time to reflect on why you’re thankful for?

Love & Light,