Where Have I Been?

Why I Took A Social Media Hiatus and What Now

Hello Beautiful! You’re probably reading this because you’re intrigued or curious to know what this blog is all about, or where the heck I’ve been. I recently logged back into my Instagram and got a couple “welcome back” messages, so I figured why not talk about why I vanished and what I've been up to.

Firstly, let me start off by saying this, to those that know me very well: I finally decided to start this new journey: writing and sharing about my life! After many moments of contemplating, but more so procrastinating, I finally decided to take the leap and give it a shot. They say the hardest part is just starting and in my case that’s exactly what it was. I finally decided to put my fear (and pride, if we’re being completely honest) aside, and make it happen.

Anyhow, back to the main topic, prior to my social media detox, I was pretty much like everyone else – constantly finding myself idling and scrolling through my feed for hours. I felt consumed by likes, constantly anticipating posts, and always feeling like I had to be in the know about things that really didn’t hold any significance to me. In order to justify that I wasn’t a social media junky, I would say, “I’m not really on social media like that- I don’t even post”, but if we’re being completely honest, that was far from the truth.

I think we can all agree that taking a break from anything can provide needed time for critical reflection – it’s an opportunity for growth. I was being faced with many challenges in life such as a toxic work environment, jumping over life hurdles, and losing focus on goals that needed to be accomplished. By contrast, I was embracing positivity in my life such as entering my second pregnancy, birthday milestones, traveling and the list goes on. I knew that a shift was needed in order for me to redirect my focus and mainly PROTECT MY ENERGY.

The best way to put it, I had to cancel out a lot of noise and get myself together. Yes, the fact that I was welcoming another human into the world ignited this flame, but ultimately I needed to go from wanting to make life changes to actually deciding to change my life. So I said to myself, “If I want to live a life I’ve never lived, I have to do things I’ve never done”. Yes, I could have turned down my social media usage instead of full-blown shutting it down but I really wanted to challenge myself by focusing on being grateful for what I have while still being determined for what needs to get done. So I logged out completely, went cold turkey, no dramatic "don’t hit me up, no more social media” post – I just left.

As a result, taking time off social media meant that I was freeing up my time for other parts of my life that needed my attention. I was able to stop liking posts and contemplating on doing things, and just actually doing them. This allowed me to creatively and independently think for myself and most importantly, move with intent and purpose. I was able to focus on:

  • Mindfulness: being aware of my thoughts and feelings, and being present in the moment

  • Movement: when people are online, you're often sitting and stagnant. It’s great to get up and move!

  • Opportunity to experience nature & travel: I traveled to beautiful BC for the first time, definitely a breathtaking province

  • More time to learn about myself: learning to love myself enough to let go any negativity and embrace gratitude & happiness is a game-changer

  • More time to sleep: because of course, I was still expecting my second child and sleep is precious when you’re pregnant

I’ll spare you the self-help narrative, for now, but I am back with a clear vision, feeling more balanced than ever and simply ready to share my journey of life as I move forward with purpose.

Love & Light,